Writing an LMS in Lectora

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I know that this may be a silly, impractical etc. question but... has anybody tried to write a simple LMS in Lectora?

Thanks for any information.



  • ssneg
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    You need a server side (backend) for an LMS... Lectora is entirely front-end. But you could use Lectora (as any HTML authoring tool) to build a front-end for an LMS server.
  • mlapl1
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    Hi Sergey

    Yes of course. The backend is essential but can be lightweight (depending on what you are trying to achieve) compared to some of the heavier systems - and Lectora is a nice front-end which most LMS systems simply do not have. The fact that Lectora has a reasonably good connection with the rest of the world through its forms makes it all possible.

    Thanks for your comment.