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I would like to have some feedback about Lectora Online.

For example: Who can help to understand the difference between the roles Administrator, Project Manager and the users? I am not sure that the users guide is really good describe.

Apropos: Should we need a super Administrator if we use more than 20 licences?

I would like to understand in one or two sentence the difference between these roles.

I have understood that the administrator
  1. manage the Lectora Online organization
  2. add new users, manage the users list, give the right access to the users as project manager, users or reviewer, and he can reset password.
  3. can communicate with the complete organization, send assigmnents and check them.
  4. can create a new project, edit it....
  5. can revert a project if needed
But what is the difference between a user and a project manager?



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    Administrator is like you said. There usually is just one per organization which can add additional users of any role as well as the other functions you mentioned.

    A Project Manager can create and edit assignments, but does not have the functionality of the administrator

    A user can only receive assignments and does not have the ability to edit or create assignments, nor the abilities of the administrator.
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    Hello andrew,

    Thank you for your help. I am working for an international Company. We develop Elearning and our differents countries too.

    We are currently working with Lectora 11 and we are testing LO.

    I would like to know if we can create different Group like Group France, Germany...Each Group could have 1 PM, 1 Developper...

    So each Country can develop their own Elearning but we want that all of us can save the Projects on one place (maybe the library). So all Project Manager... could have access to the titles. We want to share our Project between us. So if one elearning from Germany is good. China can take it and rework the courses.


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    I would like to know if Lectora Online can help us to create this workflow

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    Sorry for the lack of response, I saw a similar question came through support and I believe I answered it via that avenue.

    I will elaborate a little more on that response here and you can let me know if you have any further questions.

    The only road blocks you run into are between the US and EU because they are different servers altogether. Within the EU you could set up different teams and have each title be a shared title between those group members, and either restrict editing privileges to "Team Only Access" and have say a Developer, PM, and reviewer that can all work together with that. When the work is done, or enough to share you could turn off team only access and other teams could share that work.

    Sharing between the US EU and Chinese Servers is a little bit more complicated but Via the Export and Import tools you can send titles via different accounts and set up the same kind of structure.
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    As a follow up with some more information.

    We do have some customers that do this. Your account would be on one server in the US or EU depending on which makes the most sense. Then you could create different folders based on the countries or on your learning taxonomy. All of your IDs and course developers would have access to find and view any shared learning material.
    You can create a trial on either of these servers to try it out:   or