Size of Content Frames and Pages

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I am starting a new title with content frames and (not so) funny things are going on:

a) I can not change the size of a page. For me it makes sense to use different sizes (for example for horizontal scrolling content of different length). I can define the size of the frame, I can select and deselect inheritance, when deselected, I can not change the page size. Feature or bug?

b) The fields for page size show the size if the last selected object (so when selecting an image --> the page/frame --> the size fields --> out of the fields --> the page gets the size of the image). No idea how this can be a feature, so it must be a bug?

Any ideas?


(Lectora 12.1.4)


  • t_johnb
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    Frames aren't used very much any more, so I had to go back and try it just to verify.

    You do seem to be able to change some aspects of size, particularly the height of the main content window. You actually have to publish in order to view anything created by a framed title, there is no way to preview all of your frames together.

    In general, frames are only used for very unique situations. They cannot be used for SCORM/AICC/xAPI, and users won't be very familiar with a framed interface, as modern sites have no used them that much. Is there something in particular that you are trying to accomplish that requires frames?
  • rfuest6134
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    Sorry John for beeing so late with my reply:

    I tried to build some kind of horizontally scrolling image gallery with zoom function and meta information for every image. You can find the original tool in flash here:

    In a top frame the global navigation between image sets should be done. Most things are working fine, only the sizing behaviour seemed to be tricky.

    I liked the idea to rebuild the exlorer tool in HTML just like I want it to be. But at the moment it seems too complex and I am experimenting with gallery addons for our content management system (ZOPE/Plone).