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There was a post on the old forum that I no longer have access to. It discussed creating custom bookmarking, rather than using SCORM for bookmarking. I'm looking to try this with our LMS, because the SCORM wrapper gives us extra popup boxes we can't control. One when the user launches the course, and one when exiting.

Does anyone have info on how to build custom bookmarking using actions?



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    Do you mean those "Would you like to resume from where you left off last time?" popups? They do look a bit basic, so I understand why you'd want to build your own bookmarking.

    Here's what I would try.

    1. Create a _CustomBookmark variable (I always start custom variables names with an underscore so they are sorted on top of any list). Make sure "Retain value between sessions" box is checked.

    2. Add actions throughout your course that write specific values into the variable. Adding one on each page could be an overkill, so you can e.g. add one to the beginning of each chapter:
    On Page Show > Modify Variable "_CustomBookmark" > Set value "Chap1"
    On Page Show > Modify Variable "_CustomBookmark" > Set value "Chap2" and so on.

    3. On the very first page in your title, create a group of actions that check the "_CustomBookmark" and send the learner to an appropriate chapter:
    On Page Show > Go to "Chapter 1" > IF "_CustomBookmark" equals "Chap1"
    On Page Show > Go to "Chapter 2" > IF "_CustomBookmark" equals "Chap2" and so on.

    Now every time your course is launched, it will check the custom bookmark variable and jump to the appropriate chapter the learner viewed last.

    You could do that for every page in the title but that would be A LOT of actions. If you want page-level bookmarking, you should use a little simple JS snippet, let me know if you want me to share.
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    Hi Sergey,

    Thanks, I will give this a try. And yes, if you could share the js snippet, it would be helpful.

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    Hello Sergey,

    I am building a course for a customer who runs Saba. I can't upload to Saba, because they won't give me access. I export a zip file and they test. The Saba admin tells me that the course I built does not bookmark. When I publish to Saba Scorm 2004, I check the box "the published course will prompt to restore the last viewed location within the LMS" - see attachment.

    Is there something else I should to get bookmarking to work? They want bookmarking to work at the page level.  Should I try that JS script you were talking about? Could you send it?