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ksmith5398 Community Member Posts: 4
I'm creating a learning module that is kind of like Candyland- draw a card and your token moves to that character, then it takes you to that character's learning chapter. At the end of the chapter it goes back to the map, and I have it set to show the cards that have already been chosen, but I haven't found an easy way to have the token still on the character upon re-entry.

Any thoughts?


  • zgaelynlevai4644
    zgaelynlevai4644 Community Member Posts: 7
    Have to looked into using a variable that once a user gets to point x (in this case at the end of the chapter) it will place the token on the character?

    It would be creating the basic variable setting it to false, then applying an action to when the variable is true.


  • ksmith5398
    ksmith5398 Community Member Posts: 4
    Thanks! I think I was making it waaaay too complicated in my head (Friday...), that worked. :)
  • jvalley4735
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    If the tokens movement are variable based you could add an action to the show of the page to move the token to the last known spot (i.e. King Kandy equals 1)  or reset them to start if they haven't been on the page yet (0)?
  • ksmith5398
    ksmith5398 Community Member Posts: 4
    So I've got it set to show the token on the page with a .2 second delay, not enough for the user to notice, but enough so that the token group (variable set to show which token is displayed) uses a variable and moves to the character spot before it appears. If I have it show and move at the same time it originates from the start point and IMHO looks a little sloppy.

    Looks great, thank you both for your help!
  • mnotermans5114
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    Animation as is indeed lacks finesse in Lectora. However with tools like Greensocks GSAP you can open up a big bag of tricks especially for animation. As Walt said long ago, only limits are your imagination. Well with GSAP and Javascript also the ( not too tough ) hurdle of learning javascript is added too.