Custom Logo?

danam Community Member Posts: 96
So I am trying to customize CourseMill to no avail. Searching for hours. Reading and performing all of the steps...that are in the links.
Of course the information that I need is not there. It all falls short of going through the actual steps of changing the Logo. Why must I be a programmer to change this? I just want the page to NOT say CourseMill!
Stop telling me that I can do it and show me how ... please!


  • dave-lukasikpsiusa-com
    dave-lukasikpsiusa-com Community Member Posts: 4
    Dana - Uploading a custom logo in CourseMill is done under ManageOrgs and is accessible to CM Admins.  Select the organization you want to change the logo, and on the Organization tab you will find a browse function to upload an Organization logo.

    If you want to change the name of the site, that is a Managed Property titled SiteName, also accessible to Admins.  The value Course Mill 7.0 can be modified to a name of your choosing.


  • danam
    danam Community Member Posts: 96
    You are a doll! Thank you Dave!