Problems with External HTML Objects

crandallm Community Member Posts: 14
Not sure where to be reporting bugs, so if there is somewhere better please let me know.

The latest version of Lectora Online is playing havoc with my external HTML objects. First, CSS classes added through the "appearance" option are no longer carried through on HTML Objects. I can add them in the HTML object itself, but then the targeting has to be adjusted as now it's applied to a child DIV.

Also, there is now a clipping rule applied to HTML Objects that disables overflow parameters. For example, I have HTML Objects set up as flip cards that do some 3-D transforms when clicked. But now the overflow on the transforms is being cut off because Lectora is adding clipping to the parent DIV.


  • crandallm
    crandallm Community Member Posts: 14
    I fixed the clipping problem by adding the following to the top of my CSS sheet:

    div[style] {
    clip: auto !important;
  • agaudet1236
    agaudet1236 Community Member Posts: 36
    If you find bugs that you want us to take a look at submit a support ticket with the button over to the right or by clicking  here. Try to add as many examples and information as possible as it makes the fixing process go by much quicker.