Feature Request - Image Crop and Resize in Responsive Courses

towers9815 Community Member Posts: 72
Now I like to use large images as background images. When creating a Responsive Course.

Now Item one. You cant drag an item to be larger than the page. So If want to have a constant white space I need to set the size in the Ribbon for the Image.

(If I left the image always the same width of the page I would end up with gaps on the bottom of the page.

The Option to crop the amount of the image that shows would be useful to.

Or else I could place white boxes in the foreground. But that could get a little complex once I start having progress bars and page numbers etc.

Any ideas on a approach.



  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
    There's a trick I found for LO3. Since it won't let you drag a width/height marker over the edge of the page, you can drag another marker, so that the whole image enlarges and moves beyond the edge of the page. Once any marker is outside the page, you can drag it freely to resize. To me this is quicker than punching in numbers in the ribbon.

    Although I'd still prefer to see "snap to edge of the page" instead of "edge of the page is an impenetrable wall when dragging".
  • towers9815
    towers9815 Community Member Posts: 72
    Great tip. Thanks. Worked great for me.

    Yes Sergey, I would also like to have retain border so that could have a border of 20 pixels of 15 percent%. ( but that's getting all a little to captivate)