Enhance Video Controls

jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
I've seen a lot of conversations happening in the forums where users are asking for more control over the video player.  Is there a way Lectora could integrate the functionality of to skip ahead or backwards by x minutes, bookmarking the last left off point to use in an action, and including a permanent option that forces the browser to use HTML5 to play a video instead of Flash?






  • dtate
    dtate Community Member Posts: 46
    I'd like to see an action that moves the playhead back 10 sec. The ability to set the distance would be great since the speed of video content varies. 10 sec. could be too far for a fast talker but not far enough the progress is slow. This would be found in the media category with play, pause, and toggle play/pause so it could work with audio files as well.

  • rfuest6134
    rfuest6134 Community Member Posts: 43
    Playlists would be nice.

    At this time I realize playlistes by using an HTML object with the jwplayer and playlist definition in it.

    By the way, playlists could be used as a workaround for missing bookmarks ;-)