BUG: Dynamic Text in Questions

ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
How to re-create:
1. Set title to include Dynamic Texts.
2. Create a question (not necessarily in a quiz)
3. Set the Question Text textbox to "Dynamic".
4. Click Preview in Lectora. The Question Text will be garbled with a piece of HTML markup that comes out of nowhere. Same effect when uploaded to web, LMS etc.

Workaround (that will require extra work, of course)
1. Go to every question in the title
2. Set it to "initially hidden"
3. Add a normal textbox with the same text in place.

You'll lose the ability to edit question text through the Edit question dialog, lose the ability to import CSV questions, lose the ability to save the question text in CourseMill etc but at least it'll look okay.


  • dlueken
    dlueken Community Member Posts: 13
    I have opened this up as an issue and it will be resolved for the next release.


  • dlueken
    dlueken Community Member Posts: 13
    This issue was fixed with the v12.1.3 patch that was released today.