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I have a couple issues to fix. These are more of an issue as I try to adapt our training to be mobile friendly.
  1. When a test question has text answers, the user can click/tap on the text and it will select the radio button. When the question only has image answers, the user must click/tap on the radio button only. This is kind of difficult on a phone with a small screen, and it seems that we cannot change the size of radio buttons.
  2. I tried the "Customize Controls" feature to change the radio buttons and checkboxes. But the other radio button images do not work correctly when published. Anytime I select an answer, the radio buttons flash invisible before reappearing as selected. But on some questions, they never show the selected state. This is just weird but makes all the customized radio button options useless.
Has anyone come up with solutions to this?



  • dfleary
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    #2, the issue with Customized Controls, sounds like a bug we'll need to investigate.

    As for #1, this relates to how Lectora is currently coded. Essentially, you can have an image WITH a choice but cannot really have an image AS a choice. But as always with Lectora, there is more than one way to skin the cat. :-)

    Here is a workaround:

    When you build the question, include the Choices text in the Question Creator, along with the images. Then once the question is added to the page, change the Properties of the choice text to be Initially Hidden (so that the student will not see it).  Finally, on the image for each choice, add an action:

    Trigger: Mouse Click, Action: Change Contents, Target: the question, Value: Set Text. The text to set for each image is the same as the choice to which it corresponds.

    When the student clicks on the image, under-the-hood Lectora will change the answer to be the appropriate choice, just as if the student had clicked the radio button.

    I’ve attached a screen capture, as well as V11 and V12 Library Objects.

    Hope this helps.


    P.s. For more creative things you can do with questions, checkout my Inspiration Wednesday session: http://community.trivantis.com/knowledge-base/designing-questions-in-v11/
  • rwalters
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    This is simpler than I thought. Your explanation worked perfectly. I guess I just never realized you could modify the answer variable so easily. Thanks!
  • dfleary
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    Another option: Use a Hot Spot question with "transparent areas" and skip the radio buttons entirely!

    - - Daryl