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I have an image centered on my page. At a certain point in my voice-over I want my image to move to the left. I've added an event in my voice-over file that says "move". When I Sync events and then I go to set the x/y coordinates it all seems correct. The problem is, when I test it out it moves the image no where near where I want it to go. I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. I got the x/y from placing it where I want it to go and copying down the x/y from the properties tab. Is that not the correct way?

One thing to note, the image is a group of images--basically a box with a flow chart on top of it. Is it the grouping that's messing it up?

Someone smarter than me please help. :)


  • ssneg
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    It should work the way you expect it, unless you made a simple mistake like copying width and height instead of X and Y.

    Can you share your project, published HTML or at least a few screenshots of how you've set it up?
  • jcristol
    jcristol Community Member Posts: 11
    Thank you for your feedback.

    I had just taken the x/y for the outside image of the group. Well, of course, that's the one that moved to the correct spot but the inside image of the group got all funky.

    Image 1 shows where I want to move it to including its properties. Image 2 shows the grouping.

    What I ended up doing was creating an move action for each image in the group and now they move together to the correct location.

    Is there a way to find out the x/y of the group? When I go to properties I don't see this information (Image 2 as well).

    Thank you again!
  • ssneg
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    The X of a group is the X of the left-most image. The Y of a group is the Y of the top-most image. After you figure out where that point is, you can treat that point as the normal coordinates of any other object.