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Has anyone created Search functionality in Lectora? We are creating courses for CPE credit and NASBA requires the ability to find information quickly in the courses. We DO have custom search functionality that was created for us in FLASH, but we are no longer able to use Flash. So we need something new. Has anyone created non-Flash search functionality to search the contents of the all the text within a title and return results/pages with that content?  Thanks, Heidi


  • ssneg
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    Hi, I've created a free and open-source search engine for Lectora, available on Github: (live demo here:

    Feel free to use it in any way you want.
  • heidi
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    Sergey, I apologize for my delayed response. I don't think I had my notifications turned on. I really appreciate you sharing a potential fix for my situation! I will download and try your search engine - thanks again! Heidi
  • lloosveld6188
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    Dear Sergey,

    I think it's truly amazing you made this, but unfortunately I cannot seem to get it to work. Do I understand correct that I have to drag the .awo file into the program? Or into the folder where the title is saved? So far I have tried both but it looks as though nothing changed.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best, Lianne
  • noms
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    Hi Sergey

    Thank you very much for sharing search engine. I tested yours on my machine and the search works when the file is opened in Lectora but it doesn't work on the published file. What could be the reason for this? please assist.