IMS Packaging

mlapl1 Community Member Posts: 349

Does Lectora produce IMS packaged files instead of SCORM etc.?

I would like to try the Atutor LMS and it does not easily accept SCORM and they are moving on to IMS standard.




  • taramedeiros
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    Hi Andrew,

    Lectora outputs to both AICC and SCORM which uses an IMS packaging format. The IMS format was used by SCORM to define their packaging format, and typically every SCORM content object (SCO) is defined by a content package. SCORM is more or less a subset to IMS. We don't output specifically to IMS. I'll pass this information on to our dev team for further discussion.

  • mlapl1
    mlapl1 Community Member Posts: 349
    Thank you Tara. That is very useful and explains things a little more clearly. The specific reason I mention it is that I am involved in a research project which is considering using ATutor as a delivery platform for Lectora-produced materials and though they have a plugin for processing SCORM modules (difficult for me to install for some reason) they are stopping support for it. So I am not quite sure of what they mean when they say they are moving exclusively to IMS. I tried uploading a SCORM module to my current installation of ATutor and, while it was accepted, it did not do anything. So... clearly there is a problem.

    But thank you for your help.