How do you visually design questions?

lsilver Community Member Posts: 80
How do you typically design questions on your page?

Do you make the question text bigger, bold, or a different color? Do you change the font entirely? Or do you use the same text style and formatting as the rest of the text in your title?

We'd love to see some examples of how you commonly design pages with questions. Share your screenshots with us! 


  • ssneg
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    I think a good question is concise, readable and it should be easy to see what's being asked. Also, we often to promts in subheading font like "You can select multiple answers" etc.

    Here's a couple of examples:

  • lsilver
    lsilver Community Member Posts: 80
    Awesome examples! Thanks, Sergey!
  • dfleary
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    Great topic, Laura.  And thanks for the reply, Sergey.

    Does anyone else have examples to share of both typical/normal/standard question formats as well as creative formats? We are considering a re-design of how questions are formatted and want to make sure that anything we might do conforms to what you need - how you format questions - most of the time, while still allowing Lectora's hallmark flexibility to customize questions as needed.