Where is "Submit" button for test questions?

patw Community Member Posts: 6
I am creating a multiple response test question where the students need to select 3 of the possible 4 choices. I would like to use "Issue feedback: on process question" but to do that I need a "submit" button. The Lectora v 11.2 "Help" files say to "select the Submit button" when setting up the question, but I don't see any "submit" button. Where is it?


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    While that may be an option, if they did have one, it would not look like your other buttons. A much better idea is to create your own submit button using the Lectora button tool and then just copy and paste it from page to page and change the action to Process Question.
  • patw
    patw Community Member Posts: 6
    Thanks, Ben. That's a good idea. I will just make my own "Submit" button. I just wondered if I was missing something that was built in.