Pause screen audio when resources pop up is open

akash-jambhorkar Community Member Posts: 28
My current project features a lot of actions happening on the screen. Every page has audio and sometimes even video. Both are not a problem but I have one resource button on course that is global

And in resource pop up I have video’s which play is when user clicks on buttons. The problem is at the time of screen audio is running I click on resource button & click to play video then both video & screen audio is played. I want a stop or pause screen audio when resource tab is open.

Any solution for this in lectora 11? Please suggest if any.


  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Unfortunately, you build an action to pause/unpause "any audio on a page", you have to specify a target for the action. And this target is different on each page. So there's two options for you:

    1. (Scripting) Build a script that detects the audio on the page and passes its ID to the pause/unpause action.

    2. (Lectora-only) Replace your global "show resource" button with a lot of local buttons that show the same global popup but also pause the local audio track.

    Not very optimal, I know. A "pause any media currently playing" action (similar to "mute any media currently playing") would make a great feature request.