A few issues with Lectora

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I am getting a few problems with the latest version of Lectora, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues and know of any ways around them.

1) “Matching” question type – when published to HTML, if you have borders on your Matching choices, when you make a match (i.e. select an option on the left and then the right) the set borders disappear.

Furthermore with the matching question, if you have actions set on a textbox (i.e. for us, we use a text box that user has to click on to see correct feedback), when you click on the textbox, nothing happens, no javascript errors. However, if you put the same actions on a transparent button, the actions do work.

2) If you have a group/object that is hidden either on the page or inherited onto the page from higher up, in some circumstances you can select objects inside that group whilst trying to select other objects on the page either by clicking them or click and dragging to select multiple items, which can lead to items at the top level of a title being moved with out knowing it has happened.

This causes a problem because if you are unaware content in the hidden group is selected, you can end up moving it out of position and only notice that it has happened once the title has been published.

3) Objects/groups cannot be moved 1px at a time if you have zoomed in past 100% for example if I am zoomed into 300% and try moving an object using the arrow keys the object will move 3px for every key stroke.


  • ssneg
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    First of all, welcome to the forums! :)

    I've just tested #2 and #3 in v12.0.1 - you're absolutely right.

    2 - If you drag the blue selection frame across a slide, you will select all objects on the slide, even if some of them are hidden. If you then drag the visible objects, the hidden objects will move, too. Same happens when using arrow key to move them. I would expect hidden objects to not be selectable with the blue "drag net".

    3 - Happens exactly like you described.
  • ssneg
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    When testing the #1 issue, I found another glitch. If you zoom Lectora page to 25%-75% and add a new question, the question and answer text boxes are sized much smaller than they should be, cutting parts of the text. Conversely, if you zoom to 150%-400%, the text boxes are sized much larger than they should be and also positioned off-screen.


    Zoom 100%, insert Matching Question. The question text box is located at X=50, Y=150, W=90, H=16.

    Zoom 25%, insert MQ, the text box is at X=12, Y=9, W=23, H=4 (or 4 times smaller than 100%)

    Zoom 400%, ditto, ditto, the coordinates are X=200, Y=2400, W=360, H=64 (or 4 times larger than 100%)
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    Thanks ssneg. It's interesting the results you got with testing the matching question.

    Another annoying bug we have noticed is that in general, buttons do position correctly when in HTML – the X value does not reflect the value we have set in Lectora. It is only about 2px off but it is extremely annoying. This happens with all buttons. Mainly testing on Chrome.



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