Audio and video - hiding on page show on ipad

jackis Community Member Posts: 17
I am working towards making my course materials ipad-friendly. I have found a couple of quirks, and am not sure if it is something in Lectora I can change or if it is iOS7.

1. I have embedded audio files on some pages. I have an action to hide the audio controller on show of the page. This works fine in all other browsers, but when I test it on an iPad the audio controller does not hide on show of the page (ie it sits on the page when you first view it).

2. I stream video from a video server (Kaltura) by inserting a web window. The video plays fine, but similar to the audio, I find that an on page show action to hide a video doesn't work on the iPad. Also, I find that on click actions also don't hide streamed video.

Are these just iPad/iOS7 quirks? Has anyone else had the same issue and found a way to work around them?

Thanks for your help.



  • falcon44nkc
    falcon44nkc Community Member Posts: 90

    I'm wondering if you found a solution to this. I also use On show - hide actions to hide the audio controller on pages. But like you, they are showing on the iPad.

    I see your post was from a while ago and I'm wondering if you found a solution.

  • jackis
    jackis Community Member Posts: 17
    I think I have a belt and braces approach, but it seems to work on the iPad.

    1. I have the audio file sitting directly on the page (not in any group) as I found I couldn’t get it to hide when it was in a group. I do not have the 'initially hidden' box checked.

    2. On the page I have an action: On Page Show – Hide – Audio

    3. On a text block that is immediately visible on the page I have an action: On Show – Hide – Audio

    4. As belt and braces, I also have an two additional actions on all buttons on the page (stop audio and hide audio).

    This seems to work. I hope it works for you too.


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