Is there a way to paste to the TOP layer, in v11?

limeandnavy Community Member Posts: 21
Because my org just purchased Lectora last fall, we heard that a major upgrade was coming so we just decided to wait.

I upgraded to v11 this week. I haven't used Lectora in a few months, so my memory is rusty...

Whenever I paste a text box/image onto a page, or drag-and-drop an image from My Library onto the page, it goes to the bottom layer (the top of the list in the tree)

This doesn't make sense to me, because I've already put my background image on the page, now I'm adding text and images, I want them to be on top.

Is there a way to insert all things on the top layer (bottom of the tree list) instead?


  • amwdmw
    amwdmw Community Member Posts: 97
    I usually click in the tree wherever I want the item to go. This tells Lectora where to place the new object. So, if I want it at the bottom of the tree, I would click on the last item and then insert my object. If I want it to be the third item on the list, I would click on the second item and then add my object.
  • limeandnavy
    limeandnavy Community Member Posts: 21
    I appreciate the tip, it's been several months since last time I opened Lectora, any small helpful things like that are great. Thanks!