Transparent button shown with red cross afte publishing

arjac Community Member Posts: 10

We have a mysterious problem: some of transparent buttons is shown with a red cross on them. Buttons works OK, but do someone knows why the red cross is shown?


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Well, the buttons are actually transparent gifs or pngs. As such, if the graphic is missing, that is what you will see. Have you republished?
  • dianeg
    dianeg Community Member Posts: 10
    As Ben mentioned, your graphics are not loading. We have this issue periodically. Some quick things that we try at first:

    We ask the user to check their own machine - sometimes simply clearing the cache frees up enough spce for the course to downlosd the graphics (we have many multi-user PCs).

    It may also be that the LMS server needs to be refreshed, clearing out cookies, old reports, etc., if you have a lot of users

    Java may need to be updated on the particular machine

    You could also try to compress the images somewhat when you publish your title to reduce file size . . .

    Good luck -