Lectora reporting to SumTotal

I am bran stinking new to Lectora and I am getting a head ache from not being able to figure this out. I have built a course in Lectura X and I have a simple five question exam in it. I can finish the course and have a close button to exit the course but when I do, SumTotal shows that the course is still in progress. What do I need do to to have Lectora communicate with the SumTotal app (by the way this course is on an iPad)?

By the way I have an action on the last page that tells the LMS that the course is complete. It is NOT on the exit button.


  • steven-burkey
    steven-burkey Community Member Posts: 4
    What version of SCORM are you publishing to? I've only been able to get Lectora content published to SCORM 1.2 to work with SumTotal. My attempts were always left "In Progress' when I tested Lectora SCORM 2004 content. Even the SumTotal publishing plugin for Lectora is only compatible with SCORM 1.2.