Pause/Play/Rewind without scroll bar

clustofin Community Member Posts: 2
We have a compliance tutorial with a camtiasia movie and we want learners to have the ability to pause/play and rewind the video, but not to be able to use the progress bar to skip through the video. I know we can pause/play with buttons and actions, but rewind seems to be a problem. Has anyone done this before? Is this a limitation of Lectora?


  • vircotto
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    I just came across this post, so it's probably too late, but just in case, is this what you were looking for:

    Custom Video Controls
  • ssneg
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    Since Lectora is using JWplayer to play media, you can look at its API here:

    I don't think it allows to simply disable skipping ahead, but you can definitely build this feature yourself. For example, you could log current playhead position, detect if it jumps ahead and force it to the previous position (and even show a warning to a user so that they know it's not a bug).