Matching questions: can you change the blue line color?

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I don't know how to change the width of the line but here is a tip from my book Lectora 201 - What They Don't Tell You In Class on how to change the color.

How to Change the Color of the Lines in a Matching Question

They are always blue unless you are on a blue background (then they are white). The matching lines are actually created (in HTML) by creating a layer that contains a whole bunch of little images. The images in question are GIF files (named either o_0000ff.gif or o_ffffff.gif). The first one is blue and the second one white (the file names are their RGB colors for geeks). So, to make a long story short ... if you want to change ALL of your matching questions to a different color, just create your own o_0000ff.gif (use the one Trivantis supplies and don't resize it) and place it in the published html/images folder. One other thing, you will need to edit the trivantis-match.js and change the definition of line Color to the color you want for the line, otherwise the box that appears around the selection will still be "blue".

Thanks to Tim Verrelli, Trivantis



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    I must add that you have to save the .gif file you create as the name of the color's hex #. So say you want dark red lines with a hex # 982e2e. You must change the color of the o_0000ff.gif to that color and re-save it in the html/images folder as o_982e2e.gif. Also in the trivantis-match.js change the definition of line Color to 982e2e.
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    Yes it is possible on "Lectora 11"