Will there be future Lectora conferences?

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I've been a long-time Lectora user (2008), and under different direction, we moved away from Lectora for a couple of years and returned about four years ago. I have not seen any conferences being promoted, and I really hope they are not gone forever. I always found such value in them. The last two I attended were very large productions with musical guests and massive after-party events, but it was the conference itself that made me want to attend, not all the flare. Even after having attended an advanced Lectora training from Trivantis, I still struggled with conditions and variables, but after sitting through one short session at my first conference with a real user showing what they built and how they built it, everything clicked and I was able to run with it. It was so interesting to see what other people were building and how they were using the tools. There are examples I reference with my team to this day to describe the breadth of capabilities in this tool. I even had the privilege to be selected as a presenter one year and shared our development methodology with a rather large audience. The sessions not only developed technical skills and deepened product usage, they sparked creativity that is critical for development work and learning design.


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    Hello, and thank you for your inquiry!

    At this time, we do not have an in-person Lectora User Group Conference on the map for 2023. We do have an online conference called ELBX coming up in July.

    Are there any specific how-to subjects you'd like to see? We can also take requests to make how-to videos and coordinating blog posts. We love content ideas!

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    I would love to see the conference again too! Maybe less of the showy stuff (how it got towards the end) but it was a great way to learn from our peers and see what others are doing! Maybe connect to another conference like Articulate and Adobe does??? Either way, count me in for attending if it does come back.

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    I agree that the Lectora Conferences were a great way to network and learn new things. I also would like to see the Lectora Advisory Board (LAB) come back into action.

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    I agree 100% with bringing back the LUC....

    Those of us who have been using this tool, myself since 2006 know what it was like to attend the early conferences. I'm not sure if Trivantis knew what would happen when they started them but not only did we learn more about Lectora, we formed bonds with other developers and the staff of Trivantis that made us into a family.

    The excursions they treated us to were a bonus but this is what I found to be most special. During those conferences, Trivantis carved out time to really listen to the users of their product. I can still remember being at a panel discussion of the Lectora developers, with the likes of Darin Lueken and John Blackmon, etc. I was scared to death to ask a question but I simply had to... I wanted to know if there was any way they could change the design of the Error Check screen so we could more easily spot any error messages in the output. Well, all I can say is this one experience is what sold me on Lectora forever - it was their customer service.... When I upgraded to the next release, I was astounded to see blue text for errors and red text for warnings. Please ELB Learning, go back to the roots that made this tool and this company so great to begin with.

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    I agree with Heidi! Please bring back LUC and LAB!!!!

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    I agree with everyone. Please bring back LUC and LAB!!!

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    Hello, @Kristen_Nauss! I think the general sentiment is less about providing how-to videos and instead providing the opportunity for users to share ideas and creative solutions to training needs. There is value in hearing the thought process behind designs and how the designer/developer believed it would be the solution to a problem or need. In my original post, I made reference to learning how to use variables and conditions, but it was the use-case and design discussion that made it make sense; I'd been to the "how-to" training, but at the conference it was really brought to life through the creative need and use of a fellow designer/developer.

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    Hi, all! I was just made aware that there is now a discussion open to count votes for bringing back the Lectora User Conference! Go vote!