Publishing to an LMS that doesn't have SCORM

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We have an in-house LMS that doesn't use scorm or any other standardized system at this point. Our developer has written a javascript code (for Adobe Captivate) to pull results. Now that we've switched to Lectora, he needs to update that script. My questions:

How should I publish a course? I haven't written content (yet) for SCORM/API, etc. So I'm not sure how this should be packaged.

What is the script for capturing pass/fail data? If you know Captivate, cpQuizInfoPassFail is what our code looks for. Is this Test_1_Score in Lectora or is it Test 1 Pass_2-Col> Your Score and Test 1 Fail_2-Col-> Your Score or something else?


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    You could just publish your project to HTML and upload the resulting HTML to your LMS.

    When you create a test and mark it to be "graded" then it will store the result in a reserved variable the name of the test, which you can see in the Variable Manager on the Tools menu.

    You will want to create a success and a fail page in your course after the test. Put these pages in the Test object properties behavior tab as the pass and fail pages. Then on those pages you can add a Run JavaScript action (triggered on show of the page) and put in your JavaScript to post the score.

    If your test is "Test 1" then the variable would be named Test_1_Score in the variable manager and you would access the test score in JavaScript like this:


    You can also use triv$ (internal jQuery) to make an ajax call, just look at the jQuery documentation if you are not familiar with it.

    If you are passing in the user name or other information on the URL you can get those easily too with Run JavaScript actions

    console.log((new URL(window.location)).searchParams.get('email'));

    Hope this helps get you going.