Alignment Problems -Text and Boxes

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When I preview a slide, the text within the text boxes is cut off. Why would this happen? I've also aligned text boxes vertically (same size boxes) and distributed them vertically and they are not that way in the preview either. For some reason, in the first box [Hazard], there's a space before the H that I cannot get rid of and that was making the problem worse. I added a guide to align the first letters and it's still not helping.

I'm working in the latest desktop version.



  • scoggins
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    Hi kdahlstrom,

    I'm starting with the verticle word alignment. The text box for Hazard appears to be positioned left of the other words. You will want to set the text blocks to be left justified, and the left sides all line up. While unusual, if there is a hidden space at the beginning of the word Hazard, it may be easiest to duplicate one of the other words, edit, and replace.

    The font and font sizes in the horizontal text / boxes may be causing the issue. Is the border around the text an actual border for the text block, a shape with text in it, or separate shapes and separate text blocks overlaying each other?

    It may be easier for you to submit a case to support Please let them know which version of Lectora you are using. You can also include an export of your project to help them see the issue. Use menu item File, Export, .zip or .pkg.