Lectora's Text to Speech function only allows mute (no volume controls) in display, if...

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We use Lectora's Text-to-Speech robot voice feature as a placeholder while we wait for the "real" audio voice-over files. This involves syncing actions to the placeholder text. When we get the real audio file, we click on the placeholder and browse for the new file, which allows us to keep the synced actions for that file (and then we adjust as needed). However, when previewed, these audio files (with the full closed caption display) do not allow volume control, only mute. If we import the "real" audio file via import, on preview the volume controls work perfectly.

Is this a known bug, and if so, is there a workaround?

I can direct message examples of each for clarification if needed.

Thanks for any assistance!


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    @crenzullo-7852 I am able to control the volume - with my mouse or the keyboard if I tab to it. Maybe I am misunderstanding something though. I inserted a text-to-speech with CC. I added an event to see if that caused any issues, but it still worked ok for me. Are you using the volume on the controller?

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    If you look around, you'll see me and others post this to many threads, @crenzullo-7852: if you can post a Zip archive of your course here (or even just cut out that one page and make a compressed archive of that), someone will almost certainly find the solution to your problem in minutes. It's much harder to work from a brief written description.