How can I add a REQUIRED training evaluation at the end of a lectora course in Saba.

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I have an evaluation in surveymonkey and in Google forms. Do y'all have suggestions about how best to require an evaluation from the user?

Thanks from windy Colorado...


  • Nicholas_Maharaj
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    Hello lcraig2813,

    Here are some suggestions...

    1) You can, at the end of the Lectora course, provide the survey link to either your Survey Monkey or Google form, or both.

    2) Provided, you are hosting the Lectora course on an LMS, you can create a Lectora Survey and have the LMS record/capture the survey data.



  • andrew-robertson
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    Similarly to how @Nicholas_Maharaj outlines, you simply add the link, be it text or a button, on the last page of the content. If you want to automatically open the survey, you can also have it automatically open when the page loads or when the user clicks the close button on the page. Here's how you'd have these two options work.

    Option 1: Automatically on Page Load

    To automatically open the survey in a new window on page load, add an action with the following settings.

    • Trigger - OnShow, Delay 3seconds
    • GoToWeb - <address here> , New Window

    Option 2: User Close Button

    To automatically open the survey on content close out, add an action on your button that closes the page.

    Action 1: Trigger - On Mouse Click, Delay 0sec, Action GoToWeb <address here>, New Window

    Action 2: Trigger - On Mouse Click, Delay 1.5sec, Action Exit/Close.

    Make sure to put these actions in such order so that the JavaScript functions are called properly. I put a 1.5s delay in the closing of the window to ensure the link is properly called.

    Keep in mind that this won't work if the user closes the window using the (X) or CTRL+W function to close out the module.

    My Experience

    We've done this in the past, and it was quite simple. Our solution was required to be based on the users assessment outcome, so if the user passed the assessment, they'd get survey A and if they failed it'd be survey B. We didn't want to ask the users to select if they failed or passed in the survey because this is one area where there'd be data entry error (user lying about their outcome). To achieve this we ...

    1. Created two buttons on the last page.
    2. Button 1: Close window and Button 2: Open Survey link.
    3. Button 2 had an if/then logic that was to open survey A URL if scored above 80% and open survey B URL if scored less than 80%.

    It worked flawlessly.

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  • CarlJFink
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    You could also use the ability of an LMS to link SCOs (Shareable Content Objects) together into a course, and create a two-part course with part 1 being the Lectora module, and part 2 being the evaluation. This lets you make the eval "required", as you specified.

    I haven't used SABA, so I can't give any details about how to do it in that system.