Anyone else having issues with iPhone playing Cenarios?

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Since iPhone no longer allows you to give Safari access to Orientation and Motion settings, we are using the CenarioVR app for our course. I have had a handful of users reach out to me with a "white loading screen" mid-course that never completes loading the next scene.

I'm trying to determine commonalities in the issues, and all are iPhones. However, they drop at different scenes in the course, are different models, and some are the lastest models with plenty of capacity, so I'm not sure what else could be causing this.

No issues so far from our Android users. Thoughts from the community on settings to make the iPhone work?


  • johnb
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    There was an update that should have fixed this for your iPhone users late in December. Give it a republish and try it again.

  • Repton
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    I'm having issues with users just not being able to connect to CenaioVR at all, they either get a black screen or it hangs during loading. Android users can work through the entire VR but iPhone get stuck. The only work around I've been able to find is asking the iPhone users to install the cenarioVR app onto their phones and searching for the VR in that.

    Is there any further information on how to get this working with iPhones? Given that they are the most common device it's frustrating that they can't simply click a link.

  • CarlJFink
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    I have no special insight, but I'd expect certain information to be helpful.

    I gather it's running a scenario from an LMS that is causing the problem, since the issue only happens when they do NOT have the app installed.

    Are all of them using the same iPhone model and iOS version? What browser? What LMS? Is it all users, or only some?

    I gather this is only in one course.

  • johnb
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    iPhones are picky as to what video resolutions they will play. As Carl mentioned, is it a particular scenario that is having issues? Are you able to load other scenarios on your target devices?