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I have someone who held the role of User (can create & edit content on assigned courses). I want to remove that user license from his profile. When I go to Manage Users and edit his profile I don't have a "reviewer" role to select from. I also can't make him inactive. (see screen capture)


Thank you in advance.


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    Hi jblochowiak,

    The most likely reason is because that user exists in the ELB Portal. When a user and their email address exist in the Portal, then you can no longer manage them in Lectora Online since the Portal takes precedence in User Management than LO. At this time, there is no Reviewer role for anyone who exists in the Portal, so if you need to release a license seat you will either have to delete them completely, replace their info with someone else's, or change them to an Account Manager Role.

    Please note:

    1. If you delete a user from the Portal, it will delete ALL data they have in Lectora Online, ReviewLink, and/or CenarioVR (if applicable). This includes any Private Projects and any existing Check-Outs on Shared Projects in LO - please make sure that all projects are backed up or Checked-In if Shared; Export any Comments/Reviewers in RL, and Export any Private Scenarios if using CVR. If you do this step, and you'd like this user to be a Reviewer in LO still, you should be able to add them as a New User as a Reviewer directly in LO.
    2. A second option is to simply replace their contact info to someone else in the Portal if you want to transfer the license seat . If you go the Portal Users tab and click on the pencil icon next to their name to Edit the user, you can change their name and email address and click Save. This will completely replace their information in LO so they will inherit all projects that the old user has (please note this option may not work if the new email address already exists in LO, you may have to resort to option 1 and delete the user if you get an error that a "user already exists in one of the Apps" message and you will need to reach out to [email protected] to Import the replacement User to your Portal Account). After doing this step, you can send them a Password Reset Prompt so the new user can change the password to their own. If you do this step, and you'd like the original user to be a Reviewer in LO still, you should be able to add them as a New User as a Reviewer directly in LO.
    3. With the last option, if you change the user to an Account Manager Role in the ELB Portal, this will give them Admin privilege's and doesn't take up a license seat. They'll be able to manage users, account settings, and eCommerce. So if this is not what you're hoping to do, then you will have to delete them.

    Hope that info helps. If you have any issues following any of these steps, then I recommend creating a Support Ticket by emailing [email protected] so we can troubleshoot further.