Fullscreen or .mejs__unfullscreen button

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Ok, so I got another crazy question for you guys!!!

You guys are amazing!!!! :)

Ok here goes!

So, a student can view the course and can view videos full screen! Works great! However, I wanted to have content pop up over the video and the video pause, some fun interaction!! This all works great, and the logic is there.. Unless the user or student is viewing the video fullscreen! At that point the video pauses and you hear sounds, but you can't see the content.

This would simulate the checkbox (Always on top) if it were checked. But it's not... I've concluded that if the video is fullscreen nothing can populate on top!

So... would there be a way to simulate or code (javascript maybe) that would act as if this button were clicked .. .mejs__unfullscreen button

I'm thinking something like this

function clickButton() {

      document.querySelector('.mejs__unfullscreen button').click();


If so I think that would take the user out of fullscreen and at that point i could use the Sync Events to implement this :)

I hope that makes sense!! Thanks in advance!!!

Hope you all had a great turkey day!!! :)