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I am trying to transition out to work for text using <text> <properties> <transitotn out> .

Transition in works perfectly but ti wont exit out (I have used a range of transition types and timing)

Has anyone had success with this?

Thanks Adrian


  • jholland
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    Hello @adrianknox . You have to "Hide" the object for it to go away. The Transition Out property will determine what the "Hide" looks like. The "Delay before transition" time on the Transition window is the delay from when the object is told to hide and the start of the transition.

    The Speed time bar adjusts the time the transition takes to make the object disappear once it starts transitioning. To make the transition take more time, slide the bar to the "Slower" end. To make the transition effect quicker, slide the bar to the "Fast" end.

    Using your example image, one way to make the Transition Out start at 10 seconds would be to set the Delay at 0 and place an action on the page with the trigger "On Show" with the action "Hide", and target the name of your text box. You could also use the Page Events timeline if you wanted to coordinate different Shows and Hides on different objects on the page. Whichever development style you prefer.

  • adrianknox
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    HI - thank you so much for your prompt response. I have added hide options and the transition out but the text box will not hide. I have added some screen shots - and would really appreciate your support to let me know what I havent done correctly. Thanks again