New Lectora Desktop Version 21.4 Now Available!

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Check out new TOC Navigation modes, a new default formatting and spacing feature, plus more!

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    Hi there, 

    If you have upgraded to Lectora v21.4 and the software will not launch (the splash screen appears for a while then disappears with nothing else happening, and/or an error message pops up saying Lectora has stopped working) then you can fix the issue by finding and deleting a certain file in your PC's C: Drive. 

    Please locate this file in your PC's File Explorer and delete it: 

    C:\ProgramData\eLearningBrothers\Lectora 21\login-data.json

    Once the file is deleted, try to launch Lectora 21 again. It should work this time. 

    Note: If you still cannot get it to open, please right-click on the launcher and "Run as Administrator" to see if that allows you to open it initially, close the software again if it does open, and double check if you can run it normally without using the "Run as Administrator" option. 

    If for whatever reason Lectora will still not launch, please email [email protected] explaining your issue in detail.