Lectora Desktop V 21.1.1 Windows

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I am looking for a way to install a specific version and release # of Lectora Desktop for Windows. Currently, I need to have v21.1.1.
I have recently updated to the most recent v21.4, so I would like to roll back.

I have this need on occasion, so it would be great if there was a way to maintain this versioning as needed. Until recently, I believe we were able to download the installers for each version, allowing us to control this.

I would appreciate any direction.


  • jholland
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    For anyone reading this, the OP's customer has standardized on 21.1. The OP is rolling back to an old version for this reason, not due to technical reasons with version 21.4.

    Most likely the Lectora Automatic Update Checker initiated the update. To keep from getting notices about the availability of newer versions and minimize the chances of getting updated to the current version, configure Lectora to not check for updates that often. In Lectora, go to FILE -> Lectora Preferences, select "Auto Update" and set this value to a large number.

    In the support ticket the OP opened, we provided him with the link to the older software.