Repeatedly Displaying 2nd Incorrect Feedback When Exiting & Entering Test

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Thank you in advance for helping me to find a solution to this.

I am working on a 10 question test. The users are allowed two responses per question, and there are two different feedbacks for each incorrect response. The feedback pops up just fine, and the user is advanced to the next question just fine, after two attempts. However, if someone exits the test and reenters, I have a variable created to automatically advance them to the question they left off on.

This all functions just fine in Lectora and mostly fine in ReviewLink. The issue arises when a user exits the test and reopens it. They click the next arrow in the directions, and it should advance them to where they left off, and it does, but it makes them click through all the feedback they received for their incorrect answers, a second time.

I am a relatively new user w/ Lectora and am totally lost in how to stop this from happening. Could someone please take a look at this file and help me to figure out what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


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    Hi and welcome to the community,

    I've taken a look at you file. Here are some thoughts:

    Is there a reason why you have built two ways of letting the user return to where they have left? I believe the system you have added to the next button on page FA_PG1 doesn't work. When a user returns to the course and clicks the button it will always lead them to the Next page. Then pages are skipped by your second system, i.e. "On:Show, Goto Next page, If Question is not empty".

    It seems like it is collecting the "Your answer is incorrect" messages on its way through the pages before displaying them after a page with an empty question is reached. I don't know exactly why this happens but there's a Help text stating that attempts are added when a user navigates to the next page. Although all attempts are used it appears it still processes another attempt.

    As you have a linear test setup I would recommend to use the Next button on page FA_PG1 to lead the users directly to the target page. Currently the first action is "Go to: Next page" without any conditions and that's what is does, i.e. the following actions are not executed.
    You could use an easier way for the button by using the page number. You might set your variable Quiz_FA equal to VAR(PageInChapter) on every page. This would always put the page number into the variable. Then make the button
    Go to Page1 if Quiz_FA equal to 0 OR Quiz_FA equal to 1,
    Go to Page2 if Quiz_FA equal to 2,

    Remove the go to Next page action.

    I hope that helps.