L19 image style and rotation creates xlink and an odd border when selected

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I'm note sure if this is a recent browser effect (never noticed earlier) but L19 renders an odd line around any image that's modified from it's original state using the Lectora ribbon features.

This applies to images only (not text blocks). If you select (mouse-click) an image in a published page that Lectora styled with the authoring tool the image that has been altered will be oddly selectable with a black border around it. This applies to:
  • Style > Shadow
  • Style > Reflection
  • Position & Size > Angle rotation
  • Position & Size > Mirroring

Published source indicates the Lectora really differentiates it's source wen you use their tool to style images (more than just the use of xlink rather than src).

Normal image in course:
img name="image1117156Img" id="image1117156Img" src="images/landscape.jpg" alt="Landscape" style="position:absolute; z-index:1;" border="0"
Lectora styled image:
image name="image1117172Img" id="image1117172Img" xlink:href="images/landscape.jpg" preserveAspectRatio="none" alt="Landscape" aria-label="Landscape" x="0" y="0" height="300px" width="400px" filter="url(#image1117172Shadow)" style="cursor:default;"></image

Was hoping to use the authoring tool rather than tediously applying my own CSS, darn.


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