Lectora 18, SCORM and Moodle

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Dear All,

Hello Everyone,

I am producing SCORM modules using Lectora 18 and uploading them successfully to Moodle. I know that there are experts here on Lectora SCORM and Moodle and I am getting desperate. I believe that my Moodle recognises when a SCORM module has been completed (although it does not show it in its Grades section very convincingly). However, whatever I do, I am not able to get Moodle to record the score in its gradebook (by score I mean the Test_1_Score variable (or Test_X_Score more generally) generated by Lectora on processing of a quiz.

I would really appreciate simple straightforward instructions in achieving this. Are there any variables I have to activate or initialize? Is there any Javascript function that I need to call to initialize the connection with Moodle? I can already do certain things, like pull out a student's first name and last name etc... but for the life of me cannot get Moodle to recognize my students' score. Should I let Lectora tell Moodle, or should should I put the variable into a Lectora AICC variable? etc. etc.

Thank you SO much for your help.


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    AICC_Score is the only score variable that is submitted to the LMS. You might try to set AICC_Score equal to your test score variable, e.g. Test_1_Score.
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    Did you check "Information" of the assignable unit (A001) ? Value: completed or Passed?

    I always add actions CMI_Completion_Status (completed/incomlete) and AICC_Lesson_Status(passed/failed) when conditions are met for SCORM 2004. i.e. attempts are hard-coded in our test


    here an example of "results" of a "test"

    hope that helps...