The display is white in preview mode on the second pages.

tbrown1635 Community Member Posts: 3 ☆ Roadie ☆
The display is white in preview mode on the pages following the first. The first page displays, I click the Begin button and white screen. If I click on any other screen to display in preview mode it is white. Any steps on how to fix it? thx


  • andrew-robertson
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    Check your OnDisplay actions, you may be trying to display something that doesn't have allow for show/hide functionality.

    Without seeing your raw file - we are shooting in the dark here.
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  • CarlJFink
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    edited October 4, 2022
    I agree with @andrew-robertson that we don't have enough information to be very helpful. What version of Lectora? Does the course work when published?

    Can you upload a version of the course? (You can remove any proprietary content first, and only give us a couple of pages, as long as the sample version shows the incorrect behavior.)