Lectora IT Support ?

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Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone to help with any IT support? thank you.

I have called left voicemails and emailed. Its been over 1 week since i sent in my first email and received the generic email back with a case number. my course in scrom wont publish because of an server error.


  • CarlJFink
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    This page lists a phone number: https://www.elblearning.com/contact

    Also, let me alert @wheels

    This forum is actually a source of support. Can you tell us the exact error, and which LMS you are trying to upload to? We have a pretty good record on solving those problems.
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    Thank you for the information. I am actually seeking support, so I am glad I am in the right place.

    I have called the number on the website, cant get a hold of a representative and have emailed. its always a voicemail. do you know how I can get a hold of a person to talk to to help me figure this out? or is there step I am missing for support.

    The error is when I go to publish the course via scorm I get a "server error" in red and wont complete publishing.

    Thank you for your help!

  • wheels
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    Thanks @CarlJFink appreciate the heads up.

    I am surprised @jgalucci usually our customer success reps will handle publishing server error issues immediately. I'll check with them and see what's going on. Usually server errors have more details, you need to click a button to get them. If you can post the additional details sometimes it helps.

    Typically these require the development team to fix, so that might be why there is a delay.
  • jholland
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    Hello @jgalucci. I reached out to you directly via email to help you with your issue and to get information on the support ticket you submitted. We don't have your email address in our Hubspot CRM and see no support tickets from your organization in recent months. Might be a glitch that I want to fix after assisting you.

    Thanks, @wheels and @CarlJFink

    The best way to open a support ticket is here: