My background is spilling outside of the page into the rest of the window

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For some reason my background for my pages in my lectora project are going outside of my page size into the rest of the display window and I can't figure out how to fix it. This is what it looks like when I view my project and when I publish it via scorm on my lms:

This is what it looks like in my editor:

Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated!

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  • beeps
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    The background is going to cover the whole page. What we do to resolve this issue (to have training not look like it is "floating" in a sea of background color) is to add an image/rectangle at the top of the title to be the "page" background and then use the "background" to designate what the browser will look like.

    The first image shows training with an image/tiled background (stripes). Second shows how the background for the training page is positioned in the title explorer. In your case, you can create a blue rectangle for your page background and then set the "background" to a different color or image.