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I have some questions about publishing CenarioVR scenarios that you have already created and are ready to be published. First, are you able to publish to AICC in CenarioVR at all? If not, can you export your scenarios and import them into Lectora? If you can't export into Lectora, can you publish as a video file and download it so that it can uploaded into Lectora?



  • CarlJFink
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    edited August 11, 2022
    Publishing as a video file would defeat the purpose of CVR, because you would lose the interactivity. It might be an interesting feature to have a "360 video screen recorder" feature of CVR, but the files would quickly become enormous.

    You can publish to HTML, which any LMS should be able to handle, and you can import a CVR project into Lectora, and presumably publish that as AICC, although I haven't personally tested this.

    The AICC course format has been abandoned, even by the Aircraft Industry CBT Committee (what it stands for) for, if I recall right, decades. Support for AICC courses is going the way of Windows XP.
  • johnb
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    I echo Carl's comments on AICC, it has been deprecated for quite some time (Aviation Industry CBT Committee). It was the original standard for courses communicating to LMS's, but its days are long gone.

    As far as publishing to Lectora, yes absolutely. Lectora even has a native object for CVR that manages communication. Just publish the CVR scenario as HTML to embed into your Lectora Title.
  • hvaughan-2540
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    I've done a PC screen recording of me using one of our CenarioVR. I import the recording into an editing package, do a bit of editing and then export as a video file to then import into PowerPoint so it can be played during a presentation.