How Can I Resize Columns in Action Pane in Lectora 21?

tecocat Community Member Posts: 416 ✶ Headliner ✶
edited July 7, 2022 in Lectora Desktop
I was trying to use the Action Pane today (for the first time?), because I wanted to see the conditions associated with each of the actions on a particular page in once glance (ideally to print out, so I could use that when fixing actions doing similar stuff on an object on another page).

However, the column that I assume to be the Conditions column, is too narrow (the header just says "Co...," as you can see in the image below) so I can't see what any of the conditions are! The next column, which has the delete button on it, is way wider than it needs to be, so all I think I really need to be able to do is to widen the Conditions column to the right; however, I can't find any way to do that! (When I mouse over the column divider, I don't get any way to click and drag it.) What am I missing?