Familiar question: Will either version of Lectora ever have a feature of a visited button state?

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In the image below the goal is to provide the viewer with a navigation choice of going to each chapter by selecting a PPE icon. Each icon is a button with three states. When the viewer selects each button it takes them to that section. The last page of each section brings them back to this page.
The intention is to have each button visited show grey as in the example. The option should still be there to go back and review if desired.
I put an action on the original button to obviously take to the viewer to the selected page. The other actions placed on click are hiding the original button and showing a second button created that has been greyed out. When this page is navigated away from and then returned to it resets the action so the visited state never shows. I also tried toggling the original button off and the same thing.
Lectora seems to fight you the whole way when it comes to this issue. Does anyone have a suggestion? Lectora dev team the question has been asked for years. Are there any plans to add a visited state to the buttons? I don't even know what the disabled state is for.

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    Good day @azsafety , I think you'll find that the buttons in Lectora 21 desktop will handle this for you. They have improved button functionality including a visited state.

    I believe by default the button will switch to visited state after the learner clicks on it and it will stay that way for the remainder of the session. You can provide more customized behaviour in any version of Lectora by creating an OnPageShow action that will set the state of the button based on certain factors (such as the completion of a specific chapter/section).

    Since you asked: the "disabled" state is handy if you want to prevent the learner from clicking on button at a certain time. A simple example of this is if your course has a menu page and you don't want users to go straight to chapter 5 without first completing 1-4. Again, this is something that you will have to configure yourself using actions.

    Hope this helps!