Grey line when publishing for Cardboard VR

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Hi there, hoping someone can help us. On our current CenarioVR scenes, when we publish the project as a Cardboard VR build, there are horizontal grey line in the middle of the screen. Is there a way to resolve the issue?



  • johnb
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    That horizontal line is what was the reticle before the latest build of Chrome which seems to have broken Cardboard (again). It is something we will look into a workaround for, however, in general, both Apple and Google have deprecated support for Cardboard mode, and as they move forward with their browsers they are not looking at that or testing with it, so there will continue to be issues.

    I wouldn't recommend a rollout that depends on Cardboard support for the future, it seems to be a technology that has passed its prime
  • CarlJFink
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    @johnb, thanks for the info about future Cardboard support.