Lectora 21 Javascript window not on screen

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I have at least 3 developers who have had this issue.
When adding Javascript as an action, and selecting to open the editor, Lectora appears to freeze. The only option is to force quit.

I assume the JS edit window is opening somewhere outside of the screen area and needs to be closed. We are using multiple monitors and have tried so many options to find the missing window. We were successful on one station by selecting a different location for the secondary monitor.

I am looking for any suggestions. I was hoping for some kind of preferences reset option, or workspace reset option or something...


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    Lectora has handled multiple monitors poorly since version X. As a former software guy, I'd love to know which library they build it on top of that hasn't been fixed in decades like this. (I can't imagine that Trivantis or ELB has developed their own low-level window handling code.)

    Did you try the "Alt-spacebar >> m >> any arrow key >> move the mouse" trick? Alt spacebar opens the window menu for the currently-focused window, m means "move" and puts the window in "move by using the keys" mode, the arrow jiggles it one pixel. Once you do that, moving the mouse causes the moving window to stick to the mouse pointer, and you can drag it anywhere on any monitor.

    I doubt the JS window is opening full-screen. If it did, you'd have to start with "alt-spacebar >> r" to restore the window first.
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    A workaround I had figured out which I had to share with my colleagues, is to....

    1. After clicking the show dialogue box, do not click or press any other buttons (mouse/keyboard).
    2. Press ALT+SPACE BAR. This opens the options box.
    3. Select the MOVE option from the new options box.
    4. Use your keyboard arrow keys to bring it into focus/view.

    It was a frustration I had where I was working on dual monitors for about 95% of the time but I was required to support a project while at offsite meetings with only my laptop.

    @CarlJFink got to it just before me. Sorry for duplicate post.
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    @kaz. Are your developers on laptops with a second monitor but not on a docking station? Do they have the laptop screen open for viewing? You might have to change which monitor is Monitor Number One to get the window to appear where you are working.

    If they are not on a docking station, they might need to hook up to a docking station, get the monitors set, see it working, then disconnect from the docking station. Sorry for speaking in generalities, but without an exact map of the computer and monitor setup it's hard to debug precisely.