Is there a point to having a CVR feature requests page?

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Is there much point in the community providing feature requests? Hardly any the ones listed here have made it through to the final product and software itself has barely changed in a number of years. What priority is CenarioVR being given amongst the ELB stable of products? How many active developers are there and what is the roadmap?

Given Articulate Storyline now has many 360 image features, I'm going to have difficulty justifying next year's spend on CVR unless it the situation improves.
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    Hey, @hvaughan-2540 - thanks for this feedback (and your engagement in the Community!). We SO appreciate feature requests, and we are very grateful when you and others take the time to let us know how to make your life easier with our tools. We have been working in CVR on new headset support recently (for the Vive Focus 3 and the soon-to-be-released Pico Neo 3). I checked with our internal dev team on the latest and greatest updates to CVR over the last year and noted about a dozen updates including new scene directions, a new Resources Tab in the Media Library, support for WebXR on Firefox Reality (for headsets), and many more. We're trying hard to keep up with limited resources - the good news is we are growing our internal dev teams, so we hope to accelerate even more amazing updates for all of our tools in the near future.
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    Glad to hear you're increasing your development resources.

    One that I suggested a long time ago should be easy to implement since you already did it in Lectora Online, namely folders for scenarios. Has anyone at ELB ever tried to work with dozens of projects, some of them in several versions? The current interface makes it nearly impossible in a browser. It's a single, very long list, and because of the design you can't even read the full names of the scenarios.

    In the Oculus app, it's even more nearly impossible, because of the slow, very clunky one-row horizontal scrolling. Seriously, try it some time.

    ETA: your entire Oculus GUI seems to depend on peripheral vision because everything is so wide. Think about that: you're depending on people either constantly turning their heads, or reading with their peripheral vision. No GUI designer would suggest that, because we're familiar with the human visual system. (Search for "foveal vision" some time.)

    My point: I'm a former GUI (UX in general, really) designer. You need someone good at that to join your team, as long as you're expanding it. Or bring in the Nielsen-Norman Group as consultants. They're expensive, but they're very, very good.
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    A new feature has been added: NEW! Chroma Key (Green Screen) For Easy Character Or Animation Add-In!

    I'd be interested to know why this was chosen as the next CVR feature to released. Did a lot of people request chroma keys? I'm not sure I'd ever use it. I'd have thought better text editing would be near the top of much needed new features. Do you have a list of items being developed and the expected release dates?
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    Checked a few different app stores today, the CVR app was last updated at the end of 2018 on Oculus and 2 years ago on the Apple app store. Has it not needed any updates or bug fixes?
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    Hugh, we update the app constantly, those dates are wildly incorrect, that is when the App was created on the store, not updated
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    New zoom feature added.

    I ask again, can we please have a list of what new features are coming and when, with a short reason as to their prioritization. For me improved text formatting and coloured outline/filled polygon hotspots are the highest priority.

  • hvaughan-2540
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  • hvaughan-2540
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    NEW FEATURE! Generate 360-Degree Images with AI!

    A very nice feature but how many people will actually use it? I would have thought most users would prefer to capture their own 360 images. How long did this take to develop and why was it deemed a priority over smaller, easier things, like text formatting and outlining of objects, things we have actually requested?

  • CarlJFink
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    I speculate that it was super easy, because they just repurposed some already-designed AI like Stable Diffusion.

  • hvaughan-2540
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    I was looking through the CVR updates web page, I wonder what updates might be coming this year? Any ideas/sneak peaks/clues?

    2019: 5

    2020: 4

    2021: 4

    2022: 6

    2023: 2 so far


    1 December 12, 2018 New Native Apps! New Features! New Shortcuts!

    1 April 17, 2019 New Interactivity Features

    2 May 16, 2019 Your Top 5 Wishes Have Been Granted!

    3 July 19, 2019 New! Immersive Audio Features

    4 September 10, 2019 New Features! Fixed Position, Timers, & New Actions

    5 December 12, 2019 New Features! Multi-select, Layers, & Groups

    1 May 22, 2020 A New Dimension of Authoring. The Ultimate Life-Like Experience

    2 July 6, 2020 Clips, Touchscreen Enhancements, & More!

    3 August 20, 2020 New Style Options for Questions

    4 October 14, 2020 Introducing Motion Paths

    1 February 17, 2021 Drag, Drop, & Spin. New Interactions for Hotspots!

    2 April 12, 2021 Scene Direction: A New Perspective & More

    3 August 20, 2021 New Resources Tab: Now Located In the Media Library

    4 October 29, 2021 Measure Performance Like a Rockstar

    1 April 19, 2022 New Publishing Feature: Hybrid SCORM & MORE

    2 August 2, 2022 Two New Headsets Now Supported

    3 August 19, 2022 NEW! Chroma Key (Green Screen) for easy character or animation

    4 September 26, 2022 Heads Up! Expect A Better Headset Experience. Rest Your

    5 October 24, 2022 Directly Publish to Windows Offline, Docebo, & More!

    6 December 15, 2022 Show Off Your Assets! Publicly Share Your Content & See What

    1 January 30, 2023 Immerse Yourself in 2 Features

    2 April 20, 2023 Instant Scene Generation with AI

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    Actually, this is a very exciting feature that solves a problem that MANY CeanrioVR users have and they have asked us to solve. The writer's block or "blank page syndrome". A new CenarioVR author creating an immersive training course sometimes have trouble getting started if they have to wait until the actual images are ready. They might have to purchase a 360 camera, schedule time in the office or factory when they can control the scene, or be in a public location without people all around, with the right light, etc. Then they have to actually shoot the photos or videos, process them, etc.

    This new AI Scene Wizard lets you create a Scenario background image in seconds. Training on a factory floor, how about "Factory inside with production line of cars stretching off into the distance." Showing safety procedures in a retail store, outside on a farm, in a retail customer service environment, a classroom, a warehouse, or a city street, just tell the AI Wizard what you are looking for and within seconds you have a proper equirectangular image to start building your course with. You can always replace the image once the production images are available.

    For storyboarding a course, or for pitching an idea, the AI scene wizard lets you get working in CenarioVR on the course quickly.

    On the matter of suggestions for new features, we have multiple big releases a year, and many smaller releases almost monthly. If an issue is raised in this community AND gets lots of votes by the community, there is a good chance the issue will make it into a future release.

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  • CarlJFink
    CarlJFink Community Member, Lectora® Accessibility Group (LAUG) Member, eLearning Brothers® Partner Posts: 163 ♦ Idol ♦

    By the way, and just because I think it's funny. I prompted for aerial imagery of the Grand Canyon. I got this:

    Why it decided to have people in articulated power armor standing on those rocks, I have no idea. What image dataset did you feed this thing?