How can I create a question where leaving the field empty is the correct response.

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I would like to have a fill-in-the-blank graded question that allows for no entry (or blank) to be correct. The question is, "If a modifier for the assistant surgeon is applicable, enter it here." I know I could add additional text instruction to say, if none, enter none - but am hoping there is a way to do the "blank" as a correct response. Oh- using L21.

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    It's not possible to have blank / empty as the correct answer but you can easily set the questions variable to a correct answer if it's empty.

    Give the question a correct answer, e.g. "None".

    Then use a Modify variable action:

    Target: Question_0001 (use your questions variable)
    Type: Set equal to
    Value: "None"

    Add a condition:
    Only IF "Question_0001" is empty.

    Put the action in a suitable place, e.g. the check button.

    Empty/Blank is now a correct answer, but entering "None" is also correct.