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Hello everyone! I am needing your help and expertise. I am using Lectora 18 and there is several mp4 videos for this project. We created .SRT files for all of the videos and I have attached them to the videos. It works perfectly fine in preview mode but when I publish, the closed captioning is not working. I have made sure that the CC option is on by default but it is still not showing on the videos. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is occurring and how to fix it?

Please advise and thank you.


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    What web browser(s) are you using?

    When you run the course on the page in the web browser from the LMS, do you see any errors that appear in the DEVELOPER TOOLS window? This is a common place to look at first to ensure there are no errors creeping up that you cannot see otherwise.
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    Not showing in the published files locally? We had a similar issue with captions not showing in the LMS/on the server. We needed to configure out servers to support SRT.