Can the Lectora popup be turned off but student progress saved?

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No matter what browser students are taking courses and at the end or near the end they are kicked off the computer. When they try to egin again, their progress is not tracked and they have to start at the beginning. I think it is the cookies and popup blockers. Is there a way to track a student's progress but a person can return where they left off without getting the popup question. Is anyone having a problem like this?


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    Your description has no details, but it could be a thing that used to happen to our learners. If there were long videos, a student might sit on one page long enough for the SCORM connection to the LMS to drop, and thus when they finally tried to go to the next page, the browser was not able to retrieve any data and everything crashed.

    The solution we used was to chop long videos up into shorter segments, forcing the student to navigate between pages every few minutes. It worked.
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    I hope this is better. Here are more details. We have created a course with Lectora 19. The video is not causing a problem, because it is 1 minute.The comments by the students are as stated above. They are working through the course and they complete the course, but my LMS shows the course as incomplete and there is no record of their answers for the course. Other times, they are kicked out and forced to begin again. In these cases, I think their pop-up blockers are turned on.

    When they are kicked out or pause while completing the training. Can a person return to where they left off in the course if the pop-up blockers prevent the question asking students if they want to return where they left off.
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    There are a few settings that need to be investigated first.....

    1) Do you have the right publish settings? You need to ensure that at a minimum you have the THE PUBLISHED COURSE WILL REPORT TEST/SURVEY QUESTION INTERACTION TO THE LMS. checked.

    2) Do you have the right results settings for the grading?

    3) If you're having a hard time with popups, then turn on USE LIGHTBOX POP UPS in the HTML Options tab during the publish process.

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